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Resumes are a very important key element into landing you a teaching job. Employers match your resume against their job openings to evaluate if you’d be a good fit. For easier access to jobs on this website, we require all teachers to create a resume. It’s simple.

Your Name

Write down your first, middle initial, and last name.

Your Email

Provide your active primary email.

Professional Title

e.g. Training Manager, IELTS Trainer, Online English Teacher, Kindergarten Teacher, etc.

Current Address

Your city and country of origin or where you are currently at. (Beijing, China, Tokyo, Japan or Manila, Philippines)

Mobile Number

Make sure to provide your primary mobile number, one that works and reachable all the time.

WeChat ID

Type in your official WeChat ID. By the way, make sure to change your WeChat ID into something easy to remember. You are given an initial random ID (starts with “wxid” and then a string of numbers), which you can change to something personal once and only once. If you have not done it yet, go ahead and do it now.

Kakao Talk ID

Provide your Kakao Talk ID

Skype ID

Provide your Skype ID.


Crop your photo into perfect square and the image size should be 300 x 300. You may use this tool to create the perfect profile photo for your resume. To compress the image equal to/less than 150kb, use this tool.
See examples below.


Select 5-8 entries or whatever applies to you.


Most employers prefer native speakers of English due to visa restrictions and company standards. Optionally, select what applies or leave it blank.

Self-Intro Video

Most employers prefer applicants with a self-intro video (at least one minute). Make one where you talk about your educational background, teaching experiences, and skills. Save it on YouTube and copy paste the link.

Resume Content

This is basically a summary statement that highlights what you can offer to the school or company. Not too short and not extremely long. Check out the 2 samples below:

I’ve been a passionate ESL teacher for 10 years wherein I have taken ownership for my students’ academic progress and where I continue to show an active interest in my students’ achievement. I have used a variety of researched-based instructional methodologies and curriculum resources to deliver my lessons. To make my classes more effective, I use language immersion techniques to teach English with the help of gestures, images, and movements.

I am looking forward to working with you and making language learning fun through hands-on activities, songs, games, outdoor fun, and cultural connections.

I am an experienced English teacher with passion for both written words and teaching. I am using this passion to connect students to the material. I possess good presentation and communication skills that ensure students learn the material presented as well as they can.

My objective is to obtain a position as an English school teacher in which strong dedication to the total development of children and a high degree of enthusiasm can be fully utilized. I am a certified English teacher with 5 years of experience in teaching looking for a high school English teaching position. I am motivated to work with children and fully utilize my communication and teaching skills.

I’m looking forward to be associated with an innovative organization that provides me with a unique opportunity.


School name: e.g. New York University, Harvard University.
Bachelor of Arts in English
Start/End Date: Month and year you started attending college/university and the month and year you graduated. e.g. JUNE 2014 – MARCH 2018
Notes: State briefly what you have learned while in the university. See the example below.

I graduated from New York University on March 26 2018 with a bachelors degree in English. While taking this course, I learned advanced strategy and methodologies about teaching.


Employer: Name of the company. e.g. VIPKID
Job Title: What was your position? e.g Online ESL Teacher
Start/End Date: Month and year you started and quit working. Put the timeframe of your employment there. You can add the year or both the month and the year, but there’s no need to put exact days. e.g. MAY 2014 – MARCH 2016
Notes: Write down your relevant work experiences & key achievements. Check out the example below:

During this period I assumed many roles such as: 

Communicated with parents, students and the teaching administration – Met with students, parents and other educators on a constant basis to discuss student progress.

Maintained discipline in the classroom – Created a vibrant teaching atmosphere. Recorded and maintained accurate student attendance records and grades. Worked in accordance with school behavior policy to set high standards and expectations for students.

Tracked progress through assessment and reporting within own teaching groups. Monitored the progression of students in teaching groups.

Took part in the school quality assurance – Attended and contributed to school meetings and weekly briefing – Worked as a team supporting school teachers in spreading and sharing good practices.

Get the job you want by showcasing your ability to be a valuable employee. Writing your resume can seem intimidating, but if you take it step-by-step, you will be able to put together a document that will highlight your abilities and show the hiring manager that you’re worth calling for an interview.

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