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ESL Tutors Club (ETC) is a no-frills, no-fancy jobsite about all things ESL/EFL. The focus of ETC is simple: we are going to help employers around the world find qualified English teachers quickly and help English teachers find the right job, period.

How much happier would you be if employers or teachers came to you, emailed you, scheduled a time to talk to you? Well, we just put something together to help you with exactly that! What are you waiting for?


Take AD-vantage of what ETC has provided you for FREE!

Welcome to the club!

Teachers are the life force of all schools and acquiring them is not an easy feat. English teachers, in particular, are very much in demand as language schools struggle to keep up with the ever-growing English education revolution. There is a growing demand around the world for teachers who can provide instruction in English as a second language (ESL), there has never been a better time to become an ESL teacher.

Get empowered. Get professional support. Get an affordable TEFL certificate.

That’s why we built ESL Tutors Club. Clubs are meeting places where we find the support and company of like-minded people. And the best thing about posting (either job or resume) on ETC is it’s 101% FREE! Can you please say it LOUDER?

 IT’S 101% FREE!!!!!!!!

There you go! For the first time EVER. We provide FREE access to posting jobs and FREE access to applying for these jobs. No one ever could dare to give you a deal like this ever…

What else is in it for me?

If you are an employer, once the job listing is approved and published you can accept job applications via different methods: you can define an external site from where you can accept application, you can provide an email address or you can accept job applications directly to your dashboard.

Teachers, on the other hand, can save jobs and apply through a simple form with their resumes attached. Employers can then choose to either get those applications through email or to collect and manage them via on-site applications panel. Fair enough?

Who is this website for again?

  • For ESL/EFL teachers around the world looking for teaching jobs.
  • For individuals looking to hire English teachers as private tutors.
  • For schools, companies, online teachers with their referral codes, and recruiters around the world looking for English teachers.

How does it work?


Employers, schools, recruitment agencies, teachers (with URLs containing referral codes), practically any one from around the world who wants to get their ESL/EFL anything English jobs (accent reduction, english translation, academic writing, proofreading, editing) advertised can post UNLIMITED jobs for FREE!

Yes, you read it right. It’s FREE! And who doesn’t like free stuff? You want to build a massive brand and the main thing stopping you is getting your message out there to more people at no cost.

At ETC, the bottom line is you have everything to gain & nothing to lose. 

  1. Sign up free.
  2. Post jobs
  3. Sit back, grab a cup of coffee, wait for applications.


Teachers be it NES or NNES seeking jobs can apply absolutely FREE! To avoid spamming employers’ inbox with fake applications, we require each applicant to submit an online resume for us to review.

Take the time to create one online resume you can use for all jobs you want to apply for. One-time effort, lifetime benefit! Found your dream job? One click apply and BAAM! Sent to the employer. Fair enough?

And wait, applicants can also upload their ready-made resumes/CV’s at no cost! Yes, zero. Nada. Isn’t that amazing?

  1. Sign up free.
  2. Complete profile and create a resume that stands out.
  3. Find jobs, go ahead submit application to all jobs available on the site, wait for good news! Sounds great?

We Care

There is nothing more important for the ETC team than to hear inspiring stories of teachers getting their desired ESL/EFL teaching jobs quickly. We at ETC are teachers too, dedicated, passionate ones. If you don’t know how to get started, just let us know what you need help with.

As educators, we are well aware of the enormous demands of English teachers world-wide. Yes, we keep asking ourselves up to this day. How can we help employers find the right candidates? And how can we better help candidates find the right workplace?

To cap it all, ESL Tutors Club provides a 101% FREE service to both employers & job seekers. Enjoy!

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